The Best Options You Have for Working on Foreclosure Defense

Situations can occur that can make you unable to pay your mortgage. From injury and job loss to divorce and unforeseen emergencies, foreclosure can happen to good people.

That does not mean you will necessarily lose your home. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away. Hiring a foreclosure defense lawyer can either slow the process or eliminate it entirely.

A foreclosure defense attorney can advise you how you can start negotiating your way out of all the debts. The applicable state laws may also play a role in determining how you can move through the process.

Defenses Your Lawyer Can Claim Against

• You Were Never Apprised of the Situation
This means that you never knew you were defaulting.

• Bank Didn’t Follow All Guidelines
Banks must follow specific guidelines in the foreclosure process.

• The Other Party Cannot Prove the Entire Loan Value
A lack of sufficient documentation can reduce or eliminate the mortgage entirely.

• Relief as Per the Service Members Civil Relief Act
This gives special protection to people who are currently serving as active military duty.

There can be several other instances and legal remedies that can make your case stronger for foreclosure defense. You will need to discuss everything with your attorney in detail, who can then guide you as how to do it right and start fresh.

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